Anna Dawahare - "Lucy" of Charlie Brown

Today, I had an a great conversation with "Lucy" - Anna Dawahare who gave the character full passion. She wants to share some of her thoughts on this live reading and her aspects of being an actress!

Q1. Can you please give us some background about yourself?

Hello, my name is Anna Dawahare. I am an actor and I have been acting when I was six years old. I have acting in church and throughout school. After I graduated from college which was two and half years ago, I graduated with a degree in drama. I started to act in the real world. Now I am performing in the Murder Mystery company which travel around the places. Like we had a show in Riverside last night which was really fun. I am also working in Starbucks as part time for financial support.  I am very lucky to have supportive people around me so I can pursue my dream.

Q2. Why did you chose Charlie Brown?

I just love the idea of Charlie Brown on Tumbler. Charlie Brown was my favorite show when I was a kid, especially the Christmas special was one of my favorite holiday specials the whole time. I also love the idea of the extreme “if you don’t agree with me, you are the hater!”, especially we are in such a polarized world now days. We should be getting together instead of being separated. I mean the whole mentality of Tumbler is so ridiculous which is the disagreement of political ideas or social ideas can put people into devil category. I just think it will be so much fun to throw these Charlie Brown kids into this situation. Even in the actual Charlie Brown special, there is nothing controverted. This can be related to not only kids but adults, especially in the world that is so divided.

Q3. What is your best or personal favorite moment in your life?

Actually I am always very excited in any chances that I can get. However, I am always very interested in the Second City.

Q4. What is the biggest crisis during your performance life?

For me, because of my personality, I can manage to make the accidents into intended behaviors. There is just one thing that I tend to bring my personal emotions to the performance even though I try so hard to control it. One time, I was not in a good mood and my grandma was sick for a long time. My teammates were mocking me as I am not being flexible. They made this like a sad thing which I couldn’t performance well because of my situation. After a while, this really got under my skin. I was just here to do my job. I ended up finishing my performance with a good jump and split; however, I should be better at controlling my emotions.

Q5. Which areas you have the best interest in?

Because of the Second City, I was part of the sketch team and I got to perform with them. Because of that, I learned how to write, like comedy. I really enjoy being involved from the beginning of the whole process, especially on the creative side. I want to be more involved with the creation of a play or performance. 

Anna is willing to share more about her amazing performance career, please see the link as her website: