Nick D'Alberto - "Charlie" of the Charlie Brown

Today, I got a chance to interviewed the "Charlie" of Charlie Brown - Nick D'Alberto who gave the character full passion. He wants to share some of his thoughts on this live reading and his aspects of being an actor!

Q1. Can you please give us some background about yourself?

I moved out to LA about three years ago. I was born in upper state New York and grew up there. I was in crier when I was a kid and did a lot of theater. I would like to say that performance became very natural to me.

Q2. Can you tell us which area you want to pursue the most as an actor?

I am trying to focus more in television and film. I grew up with doing a lot of theater but if I only want to do theater, I will stay in New York. (laugh)

Q3. Can you tell us why you choose Charlie Brown?

Eugene and I had a good relationship for two years, he called me for the role plus I love Charlie Brown.

Q4. Is there anything else about you that you want to share with the public?

I am always into the roles of being aliens, monsters and scary figures. It shows some characters of me but definitely not creepy. I want to have the heavy makeup role in the science friction. Is there is one marketable skill from me, I never complaint about difficult situation.