Festivities On Zoom

This August, the Book Dragons Fete will be hosted online via Zoom. The media has proven itself as a reliable and innovative way of presentation, allowing spectators and presenters to participate in discussions, screenshare, concerts, and many more. 

To become familiar with the software, we encourage our attendees to watch the following tutorial:

Click to watch Zoom Tutorial

We expect our attendees to know how to maneuver on Zoom, and will have our Host to administer the event, in case technical difficulties arise. 

When logging in, all attendees will be silenced automatically. This is to give respect to the Host and Speaker, as Q&A and performances proceed. We encourage everyone to stay muted until Host directs otherwise.

Please come and enjoy the festivities with ease, at the comfort of your own home, or anywhere wifi is available.

RSVP TODAY: gala.azurelorica.org