Live Readings: Books In Spanish

Proceeding with the festivities for our international audience, we will be reading live in multiple languages, and especially in Spanish. 

Apart from Spanish being the official second language of the US, a third or more of the world understands Spanish. 

We do, however, would like to prepare our audience for some Mexican dialect, as some of our books are translated to the most popular dialect in the Spanish speaking world. 

There have been occasions when Mexican has been criticized as "bad spanish". But we cannot deny the practicality of this dialect, spoken internationally. 

From our understanding, each country has its own version of Spanish, including Salvadorian, Cubano, etc. Some attendees comprehend the Spaniard's dialect, but, surprisingly, many of our attendees do not. We hope that the books translated in Mexican may be an enjoyable experience during your attendance to the Book Dragons Fete.

And the same goes for our American English. Not that we're apologizing, but, rather, caution British speakers to expect the same conditions for the book readings. 

All in all, we invite linguists to join in on the fun.


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