You're Invited!


You're invited to a night of book readings and tea. The evening will be filled with multilingual readers, orated by our ensemble (or Book Dragons), panels, and book signings. 

We are proud to present our authors an annual event for their brilliant works, at the Book Dragons Fete - hosted at this year's Azure Lorica Summer Gala on August 22nd, 8pm.

The Azure Lorica Summer Gala is an gathering for all Azure Lorica clubs to contribute to the event, for the public to witness their hard work in supporting Azure Lorica's antibully cause.

By attending, you would not only support our authors beautiful masterpieces, but a charity worth giving back to. To attend, please RSVP today at:

Please remember, Book Dragons Fete is at 8pm, August 22nd. The tickets are designated for the PM Program of the schedule.

See you there!