Press Room

Attending a Press Room is typically in a quiet room, where inquiries are asked at a personal distance. As much as we enjoy the intimate space for professional purposes, cocktail feel a little easier to work with. 

The Book Dragons Feast is when we invite Filmmakers, Actors, and Authors to a night of black ties, martinis, wine, or other. As Press, you'll be invited to the event*, as we update where and when we meet - privately messaged by our Staff, safe from public attendance - never in the safe place, never at the same date. Moving for the convenience of a proper interview.

Email us to join our Press list: info @

  • Please entitle it as "Book Dragons Feast"
  • Mention your full name, which Press group you represent, and their web address.
Your ID will be checked by our Staff, and the rules of the evening will be reviewed with you. 

 The Book Dragon Feast will be hosted for the following official events:

Online festivals are free to attend online, and anyone can ask questions at the Q&A panels. Photoshoots, however, will be hosted at the Book Dragon Feasts.

*Most events are hosted in the Los Angeles County, California.